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See details below for announcements of meetings in your area, and also to learn about NOMC-Connections, an electronic forum (Google Group).

Meeting other NOMC men between retreats:

Before Katrina, the NOMC met twice each month, on the Second Saturday at 1PM and on the Fourth Friday at 7 PM. After attempting to resume monthly meetings and finding the attendance less than a handful, the meetings were suspended and we encouraged NOMC men who are in the same general area, New Orleans or otherwise, to continue to meet with each other in whatever ways seemed to work for them, and to make a special effort to make it to the retreats.

In response to that invitation, there arose three groups of occasional meetings, one in New Orleans, one in Hammond, LA, and one in Starkville, MS.
The New Orleans group met on Saturday, April 27, 2013 and Saturday, May 18, 2013, and for some months thereafter around noon at the Tree of Life, the large oak near the Labyrinth at Audubon Park (or a nearby shelter if it rained). Men were invited to bring a drum, picnic fare, and things to share (poetry, etc.). Contact Francis for news of possible future meetings in New Orleans.

There were monthly conference calls for any men who wish to join in. Charles Penot had hosted the calls. The format was that there will be an opportunity for a brief check-in, a structured, mythopoetic activity, if that is the wish of the men on the call, and of course the time to catch up with men you may not have seen or heard from recently. Look for the announcements in your e-mail and on NOMC-Connections.

Also, see the Links page for information about NOMC-Connections, an electronic connection between NOMC men.

The NOMC does occasional outreach presentations. Here was the announcement for one such meeting:

INTRODUCING MEN'S SOUL WORK - Friday, March 23, 2012, 7:00 PM at Parker Memorial Methodist Church 1130 Nashville Ave., corner Perrier, NOLA
For two decades members of the New Orleans Men's Center have met regularly in weekend retreats and have discovered pathways to male freedom, healing and joy. In this presentation Francis Coolidge and Jim O'Neill will share some of what we have learned about the journey to healthy masculine empowerment and a soul satisfying life.

There is no charge, donations will be accepted for the NOMC scholarship fund